Why Miss Ukraine 2018 Veronika Didusenko sues Miss World contest

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As for the rules prohibiting women with children from participating in the competition, Veronika said that she saw such a condition on the form. Didusenko was not going to hide her son from anyone and reminded the organizers of the presence of a child. But they did not see anything wrong with this and insisted on continuing registration. Because of this, the subsequent scandal with the deprivation of the title was perceived by the girl especially sharply.

The chairman and executive director of the Miss World contest, Julia Morley, was asked about participating in the contest of beauties with children in 2018 on the live television program Good Morning Britain. The woman answered him in a voluminous and very evasive manner, without having clearly indicated her position on this issue.

When you try to make the world organization converge on one thing, you have to reckon with everyone's opinion, and people vote for what is acceptable to them. Whatever I think or whatever Europe thinks is one thing, but what the rest of the world thinks of, which has to take into account different traditions and religions, is different. We must take into account the beliefs of others, so we are trying to maintain balance.

In 2014, Angie Beasley, the director of the Miss England contest, answered this question. She said that the rule is absolutely fair, since she takes into account the fact that it will be difficult for a girl to simultaneously fulfill the duties that the title imposes on her and devote time to her child.

It is equally unfair to the child and his family to take his mother from him for a year so that she travels the globe, helping charity programs for children.

Veronica absolutely disagrees with this statement. She claims that her son is a well-developed boy for his age, and this is due precisely to the fact that he travels with his mother around the world. Didusenko told reporters that her baby has already seen many countries and, from her point of view, is smarter than many children.

The argument of the Miss World contest directorate, as if they are worried about the well-being of children, is complete rubbish for me.

Veronika Didusenko and lawyer Ravi Nike

Veronica’s lawsuit was accompanied by the well-known human rights activist Ravi Nike, who immediately saw in the contest rules a violation of the British Equality Act adopted in 2010. Together with Veronika, the lawyer believes that competitions of this type should be inclusive and everyone should be allowed to participate in them.

Such an approach, according to Veronika Didusenko, will help to break down gender stereotypes, expand women's opportunities and create a favorable atmosphere for professional activities. As a positive example, the girl cites the shows held by famous fashion houses, in which today girls of different physiques and ages and even pregnant models participate. Veronica is sure that beauty contests need to take an example from them.

I must say that the idea of ​​ideal beauty has changed repeatedly over the past century, so why not change the rules of the competition itself to more modern ones?

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