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In 2014, technology giants Facebook, Apple, and Google launched programs to pay for freezing eggs for those employees who are career-focused but would like to have children in the future.

Why was this done? Because it is likely that optimal fertility period women account for 25-30 years, coinciding with the active career growth. An additional advantage here is that recently the procedure has become more advanced, and the cost of freezing eggs has fallen.

But does this mean that such an option is worth considering for all women?

“Freezing oocytes and eggs allows us to solve the painful dilemma of a“ child or career ”in an optimal way: the egg is picked up at the peak of fertility, and the birth of the child is postponed until a more convenient time, with minimizing the associated risk of age-related infertility.

The fact is that after 35 years it is more difficult to achieve the desired pregnancy, and starting from 44 years old it is extremely difficult to get pregnant with your own oocytes ”, – Elena Mladova, reproductologist, head physician and general director of the Remedi clinic, noted in her speech at the October symposium “Reproductive donation: problems and solutions”.

What are the stages of delayed pregnancy?

  • medical examination (analysis and consultation of specialized doctors);
  • controlled stimulation of superovulation according to the modern safe protocol;
  • freezing and storage of eggs for the required period;
  • upon its expiration – in vitro fertilization procedure;
  • planned pregnancy and childbirth.

“It should be noted that, firstly, today we have a flexible, patient-friendly and safe protocol for stimulating follicular growth. Now the frequency of such a complication as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is approaching zero, while in 2000 it was 7–8%.

Secondly, since the mid-2000s, an effective method of freezing biological material, vitrification, has been used throughout the world, in particular in Russia. According to this technology, the yield of eggs from defrosting is 88–90% – this ensures that the material will not be damaged as a result of the intervention ”– adds Elena Mladova.

What else is important to know?

You can resort to an egg freeze procedure for women with oncological diseases.

If diagnosed early, treatment is effective in most cases, so after 5-6 years the patient may think about having a baby. In this case, the presence of frozen biological material, which was taken before treatment and was not exposed to potent drugs or radiation therapy, facilitates the solution of the reproductive problem.

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