The riddle of Iceland's most lonely house

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As a result, by the 1930s, the last people left the island. On the mainland, it was much easier to go fishing and raising livestock. But for hunting dead ends, Ellidey was the best suited. Therefore, in the 1950s, the Island Hunters Association built the very house that now excites the minds of travelers. Association members are now staying there during the dead end hunting season.

Riddles and intrigues may not have happened, but the rumors about Björk were partially confirmed: in 2000, Prime Minister David Oddsson made an unsuccessful attempt to present the island to a famous Icelandic singer for her contribution to the popularization of Iceland. It is not known exactly why they abandoned this idea – apparently, Icelanders began to protest or the singer herself refused. In any case, the island now belongs to the Hunters Association.

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