Space photos that actually depict food

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This galaxy is made from cheese, cumin, curry powder, flour, salt, cinnamon, poppy seeds and turmeric.

To obtain such gas accumulations, the photographer uses butter.

The poles of this Mars double are made of cream, added to a glass with tomato juice, water, soy sauce and food coloring. A star-strewn backdrop is flour and soda.

Perhaps the most amazing details of Barati's scanning art are the gaseous swirls he makes from coffee, cream, soy sauce, water, food coloring, flour and salt.

The photographer made this stunning shot of a solar eclipse with just three ingredients: powdered cheese, turmeric and soda.

This asteroid is actually a potato. The rest of the asteroid belt is made from crumbled cookies, coffee, and ground pepper beans.

The most detailed shot can be quite tasty (only if you are not against caraway seeds). The planet and the moon are made of pancakes, the nebula in the background is olive oil, cinnamon, caraway seeds, salt and water.

And even if it’s just food on the scanner glass, Barati’s creations are very similar to what we see at night in the sky.

Ultimately, these are just combinations of light, gas and minerals, the images of which shine through the void of space.

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