How to make a seafood salad

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No matter how old we are, but on New Year's Day we continue to stubbornly believe in miracles, hoping that everything will change for the better. And in order for something new to start happening in life, it is logical to make the festive table dishes that you haven’t had to try before. After all, if you already feel the changes, then right from the first day!

Therefore, today the editors "So simple!" offers to cook delicious shrimp, cheese and egg salad, which will definitely decorate the festive table, as well as offer a new range of flavors to both you and your dear guests. Not with one Olivier to celebrate the New Year holidays every time.

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Shrimp and Cheese Salad


  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 3 chicken eggs
  • 200 g crab sticks
  • 150 g hard cheese
  • 180 g capelin caviar
  • 100 g mayonnaise
  • 150 g shrimp
  • salt, pepper, herbs to taste


  1. First of all, boil potatoes and eggs. Separately, sodium these products, as well as hard cheese on a fine grater.

    delicious salad with shrimp and cheese

  2. Cut the crab sticks into small pieces.

    shrimp, cheese and egg salad

  3. Make special shrimp salad dressingcarefully mixing capelin caviar with mayonnaise.

    shrimp, potato and cheese salad

  4. Now you need to collect the salad in layers, smearing each layer with the sauce. Put potatoes on the bottom of the selected container, coat with sauce.

    simple shrimp and cheese salad

  5. Put the crab sticks in the second layer. In the third and fourth layers lay eggs and cheese.

    shrimp and cheese salad recipe

  6. Lubricate the sauce and the last layer, put peeled shrimp, as well as greens. If you wish, you can also decorate with olives.

    shrimp and cheese salad

Appetizing New Year's salad is ready. It remains only to find him the most prominent place on the festive table. And do not forget to make sure that every dear guest has time to try this amazingly delicious salad. Enjoy your meal!

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