How to calculate the calorie content of dishes

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Calorie counting is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. To keep weight under control, you need to pay a lot of attention to the diet. If you do it right, you can quickly get in shape and improve your condition. And it's not just about the figure, but about all the functions as a whole. And today we’ll try to figure out why it is so important to count calories and how to do it right.

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The main energy reserves we receive with food. The body spends this energy to ensure the full functioning of the metabolism. If there is not enough energy, metabolism will slow down first. If there are more calories than we manage to spend, they are deposited. The principle is simple and straightforward.

As a matter of fact, the need to count calories follows from it: so as not to exceed the norm. How to determine the norm? Fortunately, the experts did it for us. For women with a sedentary lifestyle, this is approximately 1,500–2,000 kcal per day, for men 2,300–2400. If there is regular physical activity, then another plus 200 kcal.

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If you plan to reduce weight, you need to start scrupulously counting calories. First you need to understand how much you really consume, and then adjust the diet. That's the whole secret of keeping the body fit.

When they talk about counting calories, associations immediately arise with some kind of boring and laborious task. However, this is not so, the main thing is to get used to this occupation and make it part of the routine. To calculate calorie dishes, all its ingredients need to be weighed. Then, on the plate, calculate the calorie content of each of them.

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So you can determine the total amount of calories and calories in a single serving. In general, everything is simpler than it seems. But then you will probably know what’s what. It remains only to find the tablets themselves and data on the calorie content of products. And we just have a couple of tables for this case.

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Table calorie dishes

Here you will find calorie data for the most common foods and drinks. Of these, it is quite possible to make a complete diet. The table shows calorie dishes per 100 grams.

  1. Vegetables and fruits
    calorie content per 100 grams
  2. Milk products

    Everything here is a little more complicated than with vegetables. The calorie content of dairy products varies depending on their fat content. Most often, manufacturers indicate calories on the package. When not sure, it is worth checking with the specified data.

    calorie content for weight loss products

  3. Fish and seafood

    All of this data is true for fresh produce. Remember that adding oil affects calories. Therefore, information about canned food, for example, is also worth checking on the packaging.

    What is the calorie content of products

  4. Meat and sausages
    calorie content of all products
  5. Drinks and Cereals

    The calorie content of drinks depends on the availability of sugar, so accurate data is difficult to obtain. Especially if the products are homemade. However, an approximate amount can be determined.

    calories in 100 grams

These are simple tablets that will greatly facilitate your path to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. We hope the information was helpful. Perhaps you would like to know more information on this subject?

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