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The glamorous drink that women like so much in the morning causes a terrible headache. And all this because of the bubbles that help alcohol to penetrate the body faster.

Relief after a stormy night with sparkling wines will bring a stake. She will raise sugar and caffeine will cheer up a little. Eat a little fried bacon rich in vitamin B for breakfast, which acts as a catalyst during the removal of alcohol from the body.


The morning after cider is really sickening. To improve well-being, you need to drink a glass of warm water with ginger and honey. This will help restore sugar levels and improve the digestive process. Breakfast is better with chicken stock. A light soup will make up for lost fluid and salt in the body. It contains tryptophan: an amino acid that promotes the production of serotonin – a hormone that improves mood.

As you can see, a glass of vodka, a glass of beer or strong tea are far from the best remedies in the fight against a hangover. When choosing a drink for an evening in good company, do not forget to buy products that will help you survive the side effects of a stormy night the next morning.

Alcohol is evil, even greater evil is a condition after heavy abuse of alcohol. We decided to collect all the most ridiculous and widespread hangover myths and debunk them.

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