10 options for homemade garlands for the New Year

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Garland of pasta

Not the most predictable material for creating garlands, but therefore no less spectacular – take curly pasta, color them and tie them together with a long thread. If desired, the spaces between the figured pasta in a bunch can be filled with colored pasta-tubes – it will turn out even more interesting.

Garland of pompons

Turning a plain woolen thread into vibrant pompons is a decoration in itself. Well, if you make such pompons multi-colored and combine them into one garland, you get a bright and warm decor for your home holiday.

Cookie garland

If at hand there is a sufficient amount of ready-made cookies or you are not too lazy to bake it yourself, then sweets can be used as the basis for an edible garland. Cookies can be used as a basis for a garland, or complement it with any other decor to your taste.

There are an infinite number of homemade garland options, and we have given only a small fraction of “recipes” for creating jewelry – choose something from the text or any other and create beauty with your own hands.

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